Number of Customers:

Average Revenue per Customer in dollars:

Average Profit Margin in percentage:

Based on our 30 years of experience with statistical analysis, we can estimate the following for you right now:

You will lose between ___ and ___ customers per year due to problems.

The relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention is well documented:

  • 5 times as many customers would switch suppliers due to poor service quality than for either price or dissatisfaction with product quality.
  • 69% of customers said they quit doing business with companies they had dealt with in the past because they had perceived an attitude of indifference.
  • At any one time, approximately 25% of customers are dissatisfied enough to switch, but only 4% will complain.
  • For every one complaint received at company headquarters, the average business has another 26 customers with problems, at least six of which are serious.
  • The odds are that between 65% and 90% of your non-complainers will not buy from you again and you will never know why.

You can avoid losing ___ to ___ of these customers.

Your total revenue at risk per year from customer interactions is between $___ to $___.

By controlling how you handle interactions you can improve profit by ___% to ___%.

Your return on the investment would be from ___% to ___%.

Find out more in ___ minutes.