Decision Sciences has over 30 years of experience in survey design, development, fielding, and analysis. That expertise, and the customized tools and methodologies that we have developed, are deployed in both one-time and tracking series surveys. One-Time Surveys are the more traditional survey which is designed for a one-off deployment to answer a specific research question. Continuous Tracking Surveys are part of an on-going survey production cycle in which customers are continuously polled after a service transaction. Tracking Surveys are commonly done as part of a continuous quality improvement program.

Decision Sciences has total flexibility in how it can field surveys depending on the audience, the survey intent, and cost considerations. We have the expertise and the tools to design, field, data capture, and analyze surveys using mail, phone, and web-based survey methods. For each of these differing media, Decision Sciences developed the tools necessary to carry out the work efficiently and appropriately.

Survey Instrument Design

Our designer services benefit from over 30 years of developing appropriate instruments for critical market research, member satisfaction, customer loyalty, and employee surveys. We design survey materials to ensure that they are based on “actionable” quality improvement strategies.

Sample Allocation Strategy

We believe that sample design and response weighting are perhaps the most critical aspects of fielding effective quality surveys. Samples must be chosen so that the results may be weighted to provide unbiased estimates of the organization’s performance.

Survey Workflow

Decision Sciences uses high speed laser and inkjet printers to produce outbound survey mailings. On-line survey subjects are contacted by targeted email requests to participate. Phone interviews are conducted during the most effective time-periods, and with well-trained interviewers, to maximize completed interviews. Responses are continuously processed so that our clients receive accurate feedback on a timely basis

Effective Reporting

Decision Sciences has designed a suite of reporting strategies that include producing detailed printed tables and graphics, as well as web-based reporting systems. We use high speed duplex scanning to create viewableimages of survey instruments. Our reporting products ensures timely, targeted reports customized for the different individuals based on their areas of responsibility.

Identifying Customers Requiring Follow-up

For quality improvement programs, it is important to identify dissatisfied or concerned customers. Doing so may convert a dissatisfied customer to one who is more likely to continue to do business with our client’s organization.

Reinforcing Goals of High Quality Products and Service

Decision Sciences recognizes that conducting on-going satisfaction Tracking Surveys helps to transform an organization to one focused on providing high quality customer products and service.

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