Decision Sciences provides a full range of survey research services – from questionnaire and sample design through implementation, to analysis and interpretation of the results. Our extensive survey expertise, and the unique set of tools and software that we have perfected, ensure the surveys are cost-effective, timely, analytically robust, and policy oriented. We conduct market and policy research , customer and member satisfaction and loyalty and employee attitude surveys using our experience in:

  • Designing appropriate and cost-effective samples for any combination of mail, telephone, web-based and in-person surveys.
  • Using advanced outreach techniques to ensure maximum response rates.
  • Providing results which are both understandable and actionable.

Tracking Surveys

Decision Sciences pioneered software and methodologies for conducting Tracking Surveys – a unique product for customers who need continuous measurement of their customers’ opinions. We have developed our own unique software systems to minimize issues which reduce the effectiveness of surveys, increase costs, delay mailings, hamper information feedback, or lose data.

Mail Questionnaires
Clipart of a survey
Our questionaires are printed using our InstaPrint ä high speed laser technology. We can print and mail surveys on demand without waiting for conventional printing of questionnaires and envelopes. InstaPrint ä also allows us to easily customize survey contents to ask unique questions of particular recipients.

Telephone surveys
Our surveys are conducted from our in-house telephone interviewing center with trained bi-lingual interview staff. Telephone scripts use the CATI (Computer Automated Telephone Interviewing) system which has been designed to ensure maximum responses, and to avoid common phone survey bias.

Web-based surveys
Our web surveys are implemented at one of DSRA’s 12 specialized web-based “Research Portals”. Survey instruments are fully interactive to support response validation, custom skip patterns and real-time database connections.

Web-Based Report Management System (RMS)
This provides a continuously updated web-based reporting system. DSRA can provide reports automatically customized to various user levels, eliminate data distribution issues, and maximize data availability.

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