The DSRA Difference

We understand the science. Policy decisions and marketing strategies that flow from surveys have real consequences and money implications. We understand the underlying statistics that allow our clients to confidently align business strategies to a survey result—knowing the level of confidence that can be placed in those numbers, where true differences lie, and how realistic and achievable goals are. Tracking survey results are frequently used to design incentive and compensation systems, but without the science to support them, those systems can be legally indefensible.

We focus on high-quality data collection. Because we understand that research is science, we have exacting standards for all aspects of the survey process. We have devised tools that allow us to deliver quality data cost-effectively. When there are real problems and real money involved, clients need real answers, and DSRA supplies the reliable methods necessary to achieve them.

We dig deep to understand business and goals. We work closely with our clients to understand their concerns and their work environment. Our research is designed to give them the information they need to make informed policy and marketing decisions. We recognize that businesses need to understand not only the outcomes but also the underlying components of service and quality perceptions.

We have designed & built the right tools. We can mount surveys simultaneously using a variety of media – mail, digital, telephone – all with customized state-of-the-art toolsets. For mail surveys, our InstaPrint system allows easy customization of surveys and avoids the costs and time delays of the offset printing cycle. For web-based surveys, we have built specialized research portals, where we mount surveys that can be customized to individuals, and dynamically customized with seamless skip patterns. Our CATI system for telephone interviews increases completed interviews with minimal interviewer time.

We maximize the information return. We can integrate routine administrative data with survey responses to fully utilize all available information. We developed tools to facilitate efficient coding of open-ended questions. Data gathering can be time-consuming and expensive; DSRA helps to fully realize the benefit of those investments.

We provide web-based reporting of results. Research results are available quickly with our web-based RMS system. DSRA pioneered software which allows us to deliver up-to-date results in continuously updated databases, customized automatically to the unique information needs of different users. We design reports and graphics which ensure that the customer’s opinions are clear, and the results are actionable.

Our products are built and managed by experienced researchers. At DSRA, our clients get the direct attention of an experienced researcher to help design studies, gather information, interpret results, and translate results into policy. We have in-depth experience in customer satisfaction improvement in a variety of industries.

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