Automotive & Manufacturing Industries

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) has extensive experience in customer satisfaction, product and service quality, loyalty evaluation, and employee attitude evaluation programs for the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

In the early 1980s in association with Honda Motors, DSRA developed one of the first and most highly regarded car buyer and owner satisfaction programs ever created, programs which helped to set the standard for the industry. The same software technology and customer satisfaction principles have been continuously refined and used both in the automotive and in other manufacturing industries.

Satisfaction and Product Quality Surveys

Surveys are typically mailed to customers after specific interactions with the manufacturer. These surveys collect information about product quality, customer satisfaction with the product and service, and purchase dynamics. Surveys can also gather information about re-purchase intent, and the service components that influence re-purchase decisions. Survey information can be structured to learn about the reputation of and experience with competitors’ products.

Continuous Quality Measurement System

For clients who want to measure customer satisfaction on an on-going basis, DSRA’s Tracking Surveys system collects information about service and satisfaction outcomes, and the factors which explain it. DSRA provides robust and on-going analysis of results which helps to drive policy and performance standards within the company. We determine which factors have the greatest influence, and then translate these results into actionable policy which efficiently targets the key factors affecting satisfaction.

Employee Attitude Surveys

DSRA has found employee attitudes and a company’s management style are mirrored in their customer interactions. That’s why DSRA frequently suggests surveys of employees or franchisees to more fully understand the underlying business environment determine how it affects customer satisfaction and loyalty. DSRA can help build incentive and reward systems which will directly and efficiently target the service and satisfaction goals. By building incentive systems which are robust and statistically-based, the systems are inherently legally defensible.

Business Cycle Research

DSRA does studies which look at how equipment is used by various customer types, and how the underlying demand was likely to change over time. These studies also help to analyze how businesses adapt to regulatory changes, to alterations in equipment usage and industrial process, or to changing technologies.