Non-Profit Organizations

Charity and non-profit organizations must deal with an increasingly crowded and competitive field in which donor dollars are being solicited by ever larger numbers of organizations. In order to maintain or expand their donor base, non-profit organizations must become very sophisticated users of market intelligence.

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) provides a number of services to non-profit agencies which help to target solicitation campaigns, define the issues which relate to donor loyalty, and maintain donor satisfaction and promote loyalty. We can field donor satisfaction surveys, provide economic forecasting and models, link survey and administrative data for maximum effect, and carry out employee attitude surveys.

Donor Loyalty Surveys

DSRA has worked with non-profit organizations to develop and field surveys which help an organization understand the motivation and underlying dynamics which encourage or discourage supporter donations. We can analyze administrative data, augment that with surveys to obtain attitude and opinion data, and combine all those sources to develop models which are designed to increase the efficiency of development activities. Such surveys often look at communication and policy alternatives, and evaluate the frequency of communication issues. Logic-driven mail merge systems can incorporate different messages based on rules applied to the underlying data. For web-based surveys, the DSRA web portal simultaneously hosts multiple surveys for non-profit organizations.

Donor Profiling Studies

DSRA developed studies to understand the demographic characteristics, attitudes and interests of the individuals that support non-profit organizations. DSRA assembles donor histories from the organization’s administrative files, and then using both donor surveys and third-party geo-demographic data, we develop predictions of outcomes for future appeal campaigns.