Government Agencies

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) works with many government and regulatory agencies to help them evaluate policy alternatives and to obtain information on resident opinions about public services. DSRA fields resident or business surveys, processes large and complex administrative data files, and often obtains supplementary information from third parties, in order to provide the information necessary for complex policy evaluations.

Resident Opinion Surveys

DSRA fields surveys of residents on various policy topics. Complex administrative data files are often processed in order to obtain and categorize possible respondents. Surveys are then conducted using any combination of phone or mail surveys, and online or in-person interviews. Such studies look at public attitudes toward a particular policy, and evaluate satisfaction with government services and service personnel.

Business Compliance Studies

DSRA works with government bodies and regulatory agencies to carry out studies about knowledge, compliance, and impact of environmental quality or business practice regulations. We create sampling frameworks and carry out surveys to determine the impacts of proposed regulatory policy shifts. Using rigorous statistical methods we are able to weight responses such that estimates of impact for the entire business community can be determined.

Public Policy Evaluation Studies

Government agencies contract with DSRA to conduct surveys of residents or business to evaluate either proposed or existing public policies. Attitude and opinion information obtained from the surveys is often combined with administrative or geo-demographic data in order to create models which help to evaluate policy alternatives and likely outcomes.