Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) combines a researcher’s view of our clients’ problems with state-of-the-art database, survey research, and statistical analysis techniques. We have built a set of specialized software tools and strategies to support these activities.

Coupled with appropriate database design and automated data communications, we interleave our services with our client’s existing operational data systems. We developed our own software tools to provide research access to administrative data sources, and to create web-based menu-driven systems. We build software tools that simplify and automate many of the routine tasks involved in survey production, data collection, statistical analysis, and reporting.

DSRA developed these production research systems to ensure that on-going survey efforts are handled efficiently, and to allow us to focus on and customize both the process and the result to the unique requirements of each client’s business and its objectives. Ours is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ analysis – each project is uniquely designed and implemented to meet the distinctive objectives of each client’s situation, and to be responsive to changes over time.

To all of this we bring rigorous scientific and statistical methodologies, which provide the foundation for all of our work. All of our systems are designed to ensure that while the underlying science is not compromised, our clients do not have to be scientists to interpret the results. We are social scientists, so we understand the human element underlying the science of survey design and execution, customer relations management, and quality. We work closely with our clients to make sure that results are translated into meaningful, clearly defined, and actionable recommendations.