Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) identifies the most appropriate statistical techniques to support informed decision-making for market and policy research. DSRA’s experts provide forecasting services and econometric modeling to allow predictive analysis of complex relationships using survey, administrative, and publicly available data.

Clear and Effective Reporting

Research results are presented in a variety of forms to ensure that the findings are communicated effectively. We have developed software tools and methodologies to provide research access to administrative data sources, and we use both Oracle and advanced strategic SAS™ programming to create web-based menu-driven systems. Our state-of-the art software provides a foundation which allows us to focus on content issues rather than on technology, thus ensuring that the analysis is attentive to the unique aspects of each business situation.

Identifying the Causes

Our modeling work focuses on the causal factors in the customer relationship equation – the characteristics of the customer contact that actually caused satisfaction or dissatisfaction. We prioritize these factors based on their ‘level of influence’ in affecting the customer attitudes and perceptions. That way, we can eliminate factors which are irrelevant, or which cannot be affected by policy decisions.

Scientifically Based Reporting

Our experts look to statistics in order to ensure that other factors that might affect the outcome – such as seasonality, or different product or customer mix – are held constant, and do not erroneously get intermingled in policy determinants. DSRA expertise in the applied statistics means that we can utilize the appropriate techniques – econometric modeling, demand forecasting, survivor analysis, segmentation – to get results which are both robust and policy-oriented. We work together to develop effective strategies to implement changes in customer or employee policy suggested by the research findings.