Our Expertise

Specialize in Decisions Backed by Data

Decision Sciences Research Associates (DSRA) specializes in research for businesses, government, and organizations which supports their decision making and policy formulation initiatives with meaningful and statistically sound information. Recognizing the business investment involved in acquiring and retaining customers, DSRA has developed the tools and the expertise to meaningfully measure customer satisfaction, product quality perceptions, and employee attitudes as they relate to various aspects of the interactions between customers and the company. We are focused on helping to identify and quantify not only the outcomes (“how satisfied is this customer”) but the factors that cause them (“why is this customer satisfied or dissatisfied”).

Helping Foster Customer Satisfaction

DSRA recommends and implements strategies for measuring customer satisfaction at all the points of contact with customers – sales, in-person or phone services, financial transactions – and during all phases of customer lifecycle including acquisition and retention, up-sell, and re-purchase. By measuring at different interaction points, we can identify the contribution of various parts of the organization with the overall customer satisfaction experience. In order to develop actionable policies, an organization must measure and then critically evaluate each point of contact and the factors affecting the customer’s perceptions about that contact. Effective policy will intervene in those parts of the process which can make that interaction more satisfying to the customer. Companies will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction when they develop policies, products, and service agents which lessen dissatisfaction and foster satisfaction.